American Journal of Materials Synthesis and Processing

Volume 1, Issue 1, May 2016

  • Software Simulation for Mechanical Properties of Aluminium MMC Foam

    Shamim Haidar, Sudipta Roy, Joyjeet Ghose

    Issue: Volume 1, Issue 1, May 2016
    Pages: 1-9
    Received: 7 March 2016
    Accepted: 13 March 2016
    Published: 9 May 2016
    DOI: 10.11648/j.ajmsp.20160101.11
    Abstract: Aluminium foams, which may replace all the energy absorbing materials in near future, are produced by melting Aluminium alloy (LM6) containing blowing agent(s) and with continuous stirring of the melt. TiH2 is a known blowing agent for this. As TiH2 begins to decompose into Ti and gaseous H2 when heated above about 738K (465°C), large volumes of hy... Show More